January 04, 2011

A Parisian Walk

We couldn't be at my parents' place and not go to Paris with Théo for the first time. And so Rachel, Théo, Papylain and myself drove to Rachel's old neighborhood in the 15th arrondissement. We of course started our walk at 26 rue Lecourbe (Rachel's old apartment) and continued on to the Eiffel Tower with a quick stop over at the "Café du Commmerce" for a nice lunch before going back home to avoid traffic at rush hour.
Théo cooperated so easily as usual that it made it the perfect first day in Paris with him.


bevmills30 said...

Wonderful pictures!! Happy you all had the chance to go to Paris. Théo looks like he enjoyed his first of many visits to this beautiful city. A lot has happened in these past 7 years!!

pomme designs said...

Such great photos! Théo looks right at home in Paris... but we can't wait to have him home. We miss him!!

Arlette M. said...

Would have loved to be there with you all! Great pics!
love week #26 too!!!!!!!!!!!

Fabien said...

Merci girls :o) We are having a great time and Théo is being a VERY good boy. He's always happy and everyone is amazed by him and his big blue eye!
True, a lot has happened in 7 years from the moment I met that wonderful wife of mine! But because the first year in Paris was something so special, we want to share it with Théo and maybe in a few years we can show him everthing we used to do in Paris and all the places we love :o)